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This is the official website of the Virginia Hills Homeowner's Association (VHHOA). We are a community of 660 homes located in McKinney, TX. west of Custer Road, south of Highway 380, and North of Virginia Parkway. Welcome Home!


Fall is here y'all!
A reminder to our VH residents -- 

Time for our Halloween Decoration Contest! Homes will be judged by lights, theme, decorations, and effort. Have fun!

Judging will be in the evening on Saturday October 28th 

Winners will receive a $50 gift card!


Replacing a fence, roof, or landscaping? Repainting the exterior of your home?
Summer is here and with the warmer weather comes renovations and repairs to our homes an property. If you are planning to replace a weather damaged roof or paint the exterior trim or install a new fence, make sure you file an ARC submission form for APPROVAL before you start!!!. You MUST have an APPROVED ARC submission before you begin any work on your property or you risk being FINED. Many of our neighbor will be receiving notices of fines in the mail for not filing an ARC submission form and making changes to roof shingle colors, paint colors that are not approved and or out of compliance.

**Don't run the risk of being fined for installing a new roof that is a color that has not been approved or using an exterior paint color that hasn't been approved!!!**

Be sure to check back for more community events throughout the next few weeks!
The Virginia Hills HOA Board